Bespoke client threat and risk analysis is the start point of Team Fusion's business services. Our approach is to ensure that each security solution is tailored to each new client.

This means that the client's first experience with Team Fusion will be through detailed dialogue with a Director in order for the requirement and operating environment to be fully understood, the threat to be assessed and to allow the client to 'buy into' the proposed security solution.


A survey of the client's lifestyle, profile and business position will assess:

  • Key threats and likelihoods: Understand the situational awareness of the client's operating environment
  • Key vulnerabilities: Understand the client's business or lifestyle aspirations, whether as specific as business intelligence requirements or more subtly as planning advice
  • Impact on client: Understand the client's 'ways of working' and appetite to think 'security'
  • Mitigations: Develop crisis response strategies and protocols
  • Security consultancy will define a client's requirements and therefore determine the appropriate security provision. This provision is nonetheless revisited as the operating environment develops or the client's requirements evolve.

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