Planning and surveying is the cornerstone of our approach to developing comprehensive, bespoke and value for money security solutions for each and every Team Fusion client. Security planning is a key skill for each Team Fusion director and manager.

Security planning is applicable across the range of client requirements and environments. Examples include:

  • Domestic environment for a High Net Worth family
  • Business investment opportunities
  • Event management
  • Itinerary safeguards
  • External industry or internal business disputes

Security planning will undoubtedly involve use of the threat/risk analysis (outlined above) and team Fusion's Criminal Operations Methodology.

Criminal Operations Methodology

Team Fusion's criminal operations methodology is a key consultancy tool to demonstrate for a client the security threat posed and to validate our risk assessment. It focuses on analysing the criminal threat within the client operating environment in order to produce an appropriate security solution. The methodology consists of a 3 step process:

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