The Value of Female Close Protection Officers

The Value of Female Close Protection Officers

The Times newspaper recently ran an article on female bodyguards. It is not often that a broad sheet newspaper article gets added to a Team Fusion management meeting agenda list however, the role of female close protection officers within HNWI security operations is an issue we often deal with for our client families.

Clients who have young families and need close protection will often give clear direction as to whether they want to have female Close Protection Officers (CPOs) as part of their security solution. Roughly 75% of our clients will stipulate that they want an all male team, and the remaining 25% will want female CPOs assigned to their daughters and female members of their family. From Team Fusion's perspective we can advise the pros and cons to each client in the context of their requirement. Team Fusion generally recruit from a military background and so good operational experience is equally critical when contracting a female CPO. 

From running HNWI close protection operations for families for the last 10 years in relevant scenarios such as nightclubs and summer festivals for some of our teenage and young adult clients, our view is that a female CPO can keep a closer eye on the client than a male equivalent in some circumstance. Accompanying clients to the restroom is an obvious example, but male CPOs may have an advantage if skilled in observation and crisis communication. 

There is definitely a growing role for female CPOs in HNWI family security, but unless a client makes a definitive stipulation it is more preferable to choose the team based on the client requirement and CPO skillset rather than gender to assign a CPO or CP team.

18 April 2017 The Times, Confessions of a female bodyguard

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