The Team Fusion Criminal Operations Methodology

The Team Fusion Criminal Operations Methodology

Early in Team Fusion's operations we were asked to take on a special project: a multi-national cash in transit company wanted get a fresh set of eyes on their UK operation from a quasi-military point of view.

Robert Taylor (MD of Team Fusion) was appointed to lead the review and taking the military analogy to this problem, the emphasis was on 'think enemy'. This quickly translated to 'think criminal' and the model was developed into what we now use as the mainstay of the Team Fusion Criminal Operations Methodology.

For the cash in transit example, we focused on the base locations and the 'think criminal' element took over a month to properly go through all the elements of how a criminal would go about taking on such a location. The risk versus reward was huge, and the commitment to carry out this kind of criminal action would need organisation.

Presenting back to the client the strengths and weaknesses of their security was made much easier by using the Criminal Operations Methodology. Such detailed findings then led to the project being expanded to other countries where problems and cultural challenges existed, such as France, Sweden and USA.

The Criminal Operations Methodology is also scalable, it is as valid against a small scale scenario as a huge operation. For example, an executive's family and business routine which could have a specific or generic threat.  The key in all scenarios is to 'think criminal'.

See our Criminal Methodology animation here

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